Investor FAQ

When was the Company formed?

Mast Therapeutics, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in December 1995. The Company re-started operations in 2009 after discontinuing substantially all of its development activities and fundamental business operations in anticipation of potential liquidation. In 2010, the Company appointed a new CEO, was able to raise additional capital, and undertook a new business strategy, which led to its current focus on vepoloxamer (MST-188). In early 2013, the Company changed its name from ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals to Mast Therapeutics.

Where are the Company’s offices located?

Our offices are located in San Diego, California at the following address:
Mast Therapeutics, Inc.
3611 Valley Centre Drive, Suite 500
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 552-0866 phone
(858) 552-0876 fax

Where do the Company’s shares trade?

Our common stock trades on the NYSE MKT equities market under the symbol “MSTX.”

Who is the Company’s stock transfer agent?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company is the transfer agent for our common stock and it maintains all shareholder records for our common stock. If you have questions regarding Mast Therapeutics, Inc. common stock you own, stock transfers, address or name changes, lost stock certificates, or duplicate mailings, please contact American Stock Transfer & Trust Transfer Company directly. If your shares are held with a stockbroker, please contact your broker.

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level
New York, NY 10038
(800) 937-5449
email address –

What is the CUSIP number for the Company’s common stock?

The CUSIP Number for our common stock is 576314 108.

Does the Company issue dividends?

We have never declared or paid a cash dividend on our common stock. We currently intend to retain any earnings to fund the growth and development of our business. We do not anticipate paying any cash dividends on our common stock in the foreseeable future.

Does the Company offer a direct stock purchase program?

We do not offer a stock purchase program. Investors interested in buying shares of the Company’s common stock should contact their stockbroker.

What is the Company’s fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on December 31.

Who are the Company’s independent auditors?

Our independent auditors are PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP.

How can I receive Company updates?

You can sign up to receive e-mail alerts when we post news releases, SEC filings and event information to this website. Just enter your e-mail address where indicated under “Receive E-mail Alerts” on our Investor Relations home page and click “Submit.” Alternatively, you may contact us at or call (858) 552-0866, give us your name, address or e-mail address and request to be added to our distribution list to receive company news.